Google first revealed its extremely useful Circle to Search feature last January. Samsung immediately equipped this feature for the Galaxy S24 with the name "Multifunctional Search Area", one of the most notable AI features on this product line.

So far, not many Android devices are equipped with this feature. If you're looking forward to experiencing it on another device, you may have to wait until later this year. According to a press release from Samsung Netherlands, Circle to Search will be exclusive to the Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8 series for most of 2024. Specifically, the company says it may be available for other Android devices from April 1, 2024. October 5.

This seems reasonable given that Google is expected to launch the Pixel 9 series. Meanwhile, Samsung will definitely bring this feature to its folding phones when they are announced in late July or August. , the Pixel 8a model may launch even sooner with the Circle to Search feature.

Objectively speaking, Circle to Search works not much different from Google Lens. So users of Android devices can still search with Google Lens without having to wait until early October. However, the convenience and faster speed make Circle to Search more useful. SamCafe will update as soon as there is information about when this feature will be rolled out to other devices.