Youtube Vanced is a customized version of the original Youtube application from Google, developed by a third party. Recently, the Youtube Vanced development team said that Vanced will stop releasing new versions, as well as remove the download link from the website.

"Vanced has been discontinued. In the next few days, the download link on the website will be removed. We know this is not what you want to hear, but it is something we have to do. Thanks. Thank you for supporting us all these years," wrote Youtube Vanced's Twitter.

The reason why Youtube Vanced stopped working came from legal pressures from Google. Sharing with The Verge, a member of Vanced's team said that Google asked Vanced to remove links to "Youtube", change the logo, and remove all links to Youtube products. . On its Discord page, the Vanced team confirmed that the reason why this project was forced to stop was due to legal issues. "For those asking why it's related to a legal matter beyond our control."

With the ability to block ads and download videos, Youtube Vanced gives users free features that are only available on paid Youtube Premium subscribers. So, it's not hard to see people who don't subscribe to the Youtube Premium plan will be the ones who feel the most unhappy after this news.

However, Youtube Vanced is not only favored by people with limited wallets. Because, it was once discovered that... Samsung also uses it. Specifically, in an internal Samsung video about the Galaxy Watch4 in August 2021, it was discovered that the smartphone used for the demonstration had Youtube Vanced installed.

An even more odd thing is that according to the cooperation program between Google and Samsung, most of Samsung's smartphones in 2021 such as the Galaxy S series, Z series, or even mid-range and low-cost lines like A or M series are Enjoy free use of Youtube Premium package for a period of 2-4 months.

However, Youtube Vanced is more than just blocking ads and downloading videos. Because, this application also brings many features that Google's original Youtube application does not have, solving many annoyances for users. For example, it can skip ads coming from Youtubers right in the video content, return the number of Dislikes, the old comment interface, or force the video to play at the highest 4K video resolution. In fact, many users said that they still use Youtube Vanced even if they have subscribed to the Youtube Premium package.

The Youtube Vanced team said that users who have been using this application will be able to continue using it for the next 2 years until it becomes obsolete. However, it is not excluded that Google will take tough actions to prevent third-party Youtube applications from working.