A user was denied warranty by Samsung for his Galaxy Z Flip3 because of a faulty screen.

According to Juhani Lehtimäki's blog post, he "will never buy another Samsung device". This man decided to buy a new Galaxy Z Flip3 after watching a video from a famous tech YouTuber. Initially, Juhani was quite pleased with the device due to its unique design. However, after only three months, disaster struck.

One day, when I took out my phone in my pocket, I noticed that the middle of the screen above the hinge turned black. The top half of the screen is also paralyzed. The black part is getting bigger and bigger and the screen is completely faulty. Lehtimäki insists that he has never dropped his phone and is very careful when using it. So he sent the machine in for warranty.

Unfortunately, Samsung claims that his Galaxy Z Flip3 "cannot be repaired under warranty. Based on the information provided, we have contacted the technical staff for details regarding the repair. During the technical inspection of the device, the technician determined that in addition to the screen, the frame also broke and that this damage was caused by mechanical impacts, such as dropping, bending, or due to excessive pressure."

And Samsung also added that if he wants to fix it, he has to spend about $ 340 to replace the screen. So Juhani decided that he would never pay a dime to Samsung again and framed the broken phone with a rejection letter to remind him forever of this.


Source: gizmochina