The Galaxy S24 will be released in a few months. However, there have been a few rumors that have arisen, including bringing the Snapchat camera to the lock screen.

Samsung is still a few months away from releasing the Galaxy S24 series. However, leaks about these phones have been around for a long time, revealing their specifications and software features.

As expected, Galaxy S24 will be Samsung's first AI phone line. AI features include real-time call translation and image generation from text similar to Dall-E 2. Additionally, you can also bring Snapchat to the lock screen of Galaxy S24 series products.

Snapchat can be brought to the lock screen of the Galaxy S24 series.

The Galaxy S24 series may integrate the youth-favorite Snapchat app into the lock screen โ€“ similar to the OnePlus 11 running Android 14. Android Authority analyzed the APK file of Snapchat beta version, showing that see the code for lock screen integration. The report further notes that this code string is similar to the one used for OPPO and OnePlus.

You'll have direct access to Snapchat's camera from the lock screen of the Galaxy S24 series. Thanks to that, you can easily stay connected by recording and sharing memorable moments directly.

Previously, a similar feature was discovered for Instagram. These new capabilities show that Samsung's Galaxy S24 series will provide users with an unprecedented smart experience.

Furthermore, Samsung previously partnered with Instagram to allow users to take photos or videos directly from the native Camera app. Therefore, it is not surprising that Instagram will be integrated into the lock screen.

A few devices from OnePlus and OPPO already offer the same feature. Therefore, Samsung can integrate Snapchat and Instagram cameras into the lock screen of the Galaxy S24 series. They will run One UI 6.0 based on Android 14 right out of the box.

Let's say Samsung decides to launch the Galaxy S24 series with AI features, Snapchat and Instagram cameras integrated into the lock screen, and a few other interesting improvements. In this case, the Galaxy S24 series could sell like hotcakes.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S24 series in San Josรฉ, California on January 17, 2024. Notably, this location is close to the headquarters of both Google and Apple.