Last 3/15. Official Twitter of Vanced, Youtube's modified application, announced that the project will be discontinued and all download links have been taken down. The reason given was because he was tired of pressure from Google, the owner of the Youtube application.

Although the download links have been taken down, the application will still work normally for about 2 years until the application becomes obsolete.

On March 16, on Vanced's Telegram channel, they ware announced that the Vanced manager's backend was shut down. That means we "may" not be able to install Vanced using the Vanced Manager application anymore.

However, there is still a way to install Vanced other than installing through Vanced Manager.

First, we go to
After scrolling down to the download section, you will see the individual apk files just below the download path of Vanced Manager

1. Proceed to download and install microG (if you need to log in to your Google account for Vanced application)
2. Download and install Vanced APK. This APK version is for arm64-v8a and API level 23+ (Android 6.0 and above)
3. You can install Vanced Music if needed

After trying it on a new device, the author of this article found everything working normally and stably as it was. The functions work fine. We are not sure if these APK files will work on other devices and if Google will take any action to block the application in the future.

Also, we can see the version history for older models. We will try when we can and announce in future posts