Currently, Samsung is offering a discount on old Galaxy devices by offering them a discount on screen replacements.

When your phone screen is accidentally cracked when you accidentally drop it, this will cause discomfort during use. But Samsung's screen repair costs are too expensive, it's often the same as the price of a phone, so most people just have to accept it.

Currently, Samsung is having a promotion program for Galaxy users until March 28, 2022, Samsung will replace the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note screen for only $100. That is a significantly lower price than the price listed at the service center.

However, this offer is only available to users in the US and eligible phones are from the Galaxy S9 series and above (except Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S20 FE). The program also applies to the newer Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Note series. Offer does not apply to any other Galaxy series, namely Galaxy A or Galaxy Z series.

To receive this offer, please follow the steps below (note: the offer is only valid until March 28, 2022)

Go to Samsung's repair page.
Click “Start Repair Service” and select “Phone”.
Choose a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note phone.
Select your phone model and then select the "Send Mail" service.
Sign in or create a Samsung account.
Make the request appear on the screen. If your device qualifies, the screen replacement cost is only $100.