Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with "rabbit ears" revealed actual photos before the launch date

An actual photo of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has surfaced online and gives us an accurate look at the device's design.

Only a few days left until the Unpacked event, where Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 series along with the Galaxy Tab S8 series tablet. Galaxy Tab S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra have been leaked a lot and will be Samsung's high-end tablet line.

An actual photo of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has appeared online and gives us an accurate look at the design of the device.

While the Tab S8 and Tab S8+ are fairly standard upgrades to the Tab S7 line, the Ultra model is a "super big" addition to the lineup. With a 14.6-inch screen, this is one of the largest tablets and can replace a laptop when paired with a keyboard accessory. The front camera is also improved, but it also has a very prominent point compared to the other two versions: Tab S8 Ultra has a "rabbit ears" screen.

If you are intending to buy Tab S8 Ultra but do not know how the notch screen will affect the actual experience, then this leaked image will give you an accurate view.

Some users may find this notch annoying, but it seems Samsung has gone to great lengths to keep it from taking over too much. It can blend right into the status bar during regular use, you only see it clearly when viewing images or videos on full screen.

Meanwhile, if used in portrait mode, it will be right where your thumb holds the screen.

However, this is nonetheless a design choice that divides Samsung fans, as the "notch" design has become a signature item of Apple. Do you like the design of Tab S8 Ultra?