Samsung Will Deliver Enhanced Wellness Experience in Partnership with Calm

Samsung Health will deliver more comprehensive wellness through its application. The company is going to team up with Calm to provide some of the new features to its users. The partnership will result in a bunch of new features such as sleep programs, guided meditations, and other great options delivered out of the box.

Calm is the #1 choice when it comes to mindfulness. It delivers a splendid selection of different services to keep fit and stay in a good shape. Users appreciate its guided meditations as well as relaxation and sleeping programs that have proved to be a perfect way to get out from stress.

The app boasts over 40 million downloads. From now, Samsung users will also have a chance to benefit for all features delivered by Calm through their custom Samsung Health app. The main mission of such collaboration is to provide a better approach to mindfulness and the overall state of health.

The Evolution of Samsung Health App

The application made its debut n Samsung devices back in 2013. It initially delivered some basic options and features but eventually evolved into a comprehensive tool for wellbeing and mindfulness. Today Samsung Health is an ultimate solution for keeping fit. It boasts more than 60 million users across the globe and delivers interactive solutions to keep an eye on users' health, state of mind, mental health, etc.


It also comes with additional functions that can interact with third-party services, applications or devices. Integration with Calm is another huge step forward for Samsung Health. On the one hand, it will make the process of health management easier and more intuitive. On the other hand, users will have an effective stress managing solution.

How to Use Calm App on Samsung Devices


The collaboration between two companies results in a seamless clam integration with the Samsung Health app. Users will only have to complete several simple stages:

  • Go to your Samsung Health app.
  • Tip the mindfulness icon.
  • Synchronize your account with Calm or create a new one.
  • Benefit from personalized wellness solution.

Integration with calm will provide access to a bunch of features that will let users manage stress, get rid of insomnia and anxiety, ensure effective relaxation and sleeping programs, etc. The application can be managed through your handset as well as using Galaxy Watch Active to pause or enable a relaxation session whenever you need.

When Will the new App Arrive?

The integration with Calm is already available for all Samsung Health users starting from March 4. If you have a handset powered by Android Pie operating system, you can start using all new features seamlessly. The integrated wellness solution is available for users from Australia, India, New Zealand, the USA, the UK and Ireland, Hong Kong, and some others.