During the Galaxy S24 launch event earlier this year, Samsung introduced a new wearable device called Galaxy Ring. Sometime later, the company gave us a closer look at the product and revealed some of its features. Perhaps, the launch of Galaxy Ring is not too far away because it has now appeared in One UI.

Galaxy Ring has appeared in Samsung's Battery Widget application. After adding the widget to your home screen and going to the Settings menu, you can see the Galaxy Ring section, along with sections for Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Watch, and other devices. This is a signal that the company will soon launch a smart ring in the next few weeks or months.

The Galaxy Ring is lightweight and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It is equipped with heart rate and sleep monitoring sensors. The smart ring may have additional SpO2 features, but this information has not yet been confirmed. Additionally, users can use this device for a week on just one charge. Therefore, the Galaxy Ring has become the ideal choice to monitor health continuously over a long period, providing more accurate results.

Smart rings may not have NFC-based payment features. Instead, it is expected to integrate with Samsung Food to provide users with customized diet plans based on their health information collected from the device.

Based on the features the Galaxy Ring offers, it is expected to cost less than the Galaxy Watch 4 and more than the Galaxy Fit due to its compact nature. Samsung is said to be planning to sell at least half a million Galaxy Ring units.