Despite being a trickle-down upgrade compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is already one of the best Android phones launched this year. However, this phone model is not perfect. Many early Galaxy S24 series owners have complained about washed-out screen colors. Samsung is said to be developing a solution to this problem. But this is not the only screen error that Galaxy S24 series phones experience. Apparently, their super bright screens are problematic.

Many phones in the Galaxy S24 series seem to have a grainy texture on the screen, which is clearly visible against dark and gray backgrounds. There have been some complaints about this on Reddit. A poll with over 350 responses shows that most Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ owners are facing this issue. A Reddit user put the Galaxy S24 Ultra display under a 400x OM microscope, revealing that sub-pixel intensity is uneven at 10% brightness. Uniformity is improved at 30% brightness. While at 50% brightness, this phenomenon is almost non-existent.

Apparently, this is a hardware issue. Many customers received a new phone completely free thanks to this error. Even so, some were denied the 1-for-1 warranty and were pressured to get a new phone.

It's true that you might not notice the grainy texture on the Galaxy S24 series screen unless you look closely. However, with the price of 33,990,000 VND of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, this is still a defect that should not be present.

As if the grainy texture wasn't enough, some Galaxy S24 series users also reported seeing three horizontal stripes on the screen at low brightness. Unlike the grainy texture, this issue seems to only affect a few units. A few people also reported that they experienced color banding when viewing gradient images. It is unclear whether this is a hardware or software error. However, a post on Reddit suggests this is a software issue and will be resolved soon.

OLED displays for phones have improved significantly over the past few years. However, they still often struggle with uniformity at low brightness levels. However, this is not a big problem, especially since the Galaxy S24 series screen has some major improvements.

In addition to the highest brightness of 2600 nits, Samsung's Galaxy S24 series also uses a screen with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) frequency as high as 492Hz. This number is more than double that of the Galaxy S23. This will help improve the usage experience for those who are sensitive to PWM flicker. In addition, on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung uses Corning's Gorilla Armor glass, which significantly reduces reflections.