The Galaxy Z Flip5 is set to become the first smartphone in its series to offer WiFi 6E connectivity, one of the latest WiFi standards available today.ย 

While it belongs to the high-end smartphone category, the Galaxy Z Flip doesn't boast all the features of the Galaxy Z Fold or Galaxy S. Previous models of the Z Flip series often lacked important and standout features. However, the Galaxy Z Flip5 has finally addressed this issue.

Galaxy Z Flip5

Recently, Samsung said its latest clamshell folding smartphone finally has WiFi 6E connectivity. This feature first appeared on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and is available on other high-end phones and tablets.

WiFi 6E operates on the 6GHz band instead of the 2.4GHz/5GHz band as on previous WiFi standards. The 6GHz band was approved in 2020 and intended for public use. The Wi-Fi 6E network will have fast speed due to no congestion, lower latency, and less interference. It is also equipped for high-end phones, tablets, and laptops.

Galaxy Z Flip5

However, this network connection is not yet available globally, public use of the 6GHz band requires approval from the local authority. If you want to use WiFi 6E at home, you can order a router that supports this connection, as the availability of WiFi 6E router is not affected if you use it for personal use.