Samsung Pay is one of the most attractive utilities of Galaxy phones. Last year, Samsung merged Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass into a single application, Samsung Wallet. It allows users to add credit and debit cards to the app to make mobile payments via MST or NFC. In addition, this application also supports loyalty cards, membership cards, bus tickets, plane tickets, train tickets, gift cards, digital keys, and government-approved IDs.

Currently, the company is discontinuing the Samsung Wallet service on some older Galaxy smartphones. This may be bad news for many people who are still using these phone devices.

Galaxy phones running Android 9.0 and older Android versions will no longer have Samsung Wallet support

According to sources from @theonecid, Samsung has started sending notifications to its users in some countries about ending support for Samsung Wallet service on old Galaxy phones. The notice states that Samsung Wallet will no longer work on Galaxy devices running Android 9.0 (or earlier versions of Android) as of March 15, 2024. It was sent to users in Canada, users in Other countries will soon receive similar announcements from the company.

This is sad news for those who own the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, or even older Galaxy phones. Since the S8 and Note 8 versions are no longer supported for updating to Android 10, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 still run Android 10 and this is their final Android version. Recently, the company released a new update for Samsung Wallet and suggested users to install it if their Galaxy phone runs Android 10 or newer versions of Android.

Products not supported by Samsung Wallet are 7 years old or older, and most people have probably upgraded to newer phones. Therefore, this support discontinuation does not affect users too much.