Samsung started to stop giving chargers on cheap smartphones

Smartphone retailers in Europe have confirmed that some popular Samsung smartphones will not come with a charger in the box.
After Apple no longer included a charger on the iPhone, Samsung quickly followed. The Galaxy S21 series also does not have a charger in the box.

Since then, Samsung's flagships have shipped without chargers, even expensive foldable smartphones. Taking the same reason as Apple, Samsung said this is to protect the environment. Now, it seems Samsung is thinking of removing the charger from even their low-priced devices.

European smartphone retailers have confirmed that some low-cost Samsung smartphones will not come with a charger in the box. The list includes the newly launched Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23. The Galaxy M23 and Galaxy M33 are also said to not come with a charger.

Samsung has not officially confirmed this but if it is true, it should not be too surprising. Over the past few years, though reluctantly, customers have almost accepted that smartphones will no longer come with a charger, which is no longer an important factor to consider when deciding to buy a phone.

So Samsung will probably continue to remove the charger from all of its smartphones. This will allow the company to increase profits on affordable phones.

Would you continue to buy cheap Samsung smartphones if they no longer come with a charger?

Source: SamMobile