In some European countries, Samsung is removing the letter "Z" from the names of its folding screen smartphones. Galaxy Z Fold3 is renamed Galaxy Fold3, while Z Flip3 has only Galaxy Flip3.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 have been updated on Samsung's website in some European countries to "Galaxy Fold 3" and "Galaxy Flip 3". Areas that could see the change include Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The change seems completely intentional, as the Korean company not only changed the name on the text but also the graphics used the new name.

Ishan Agarwal was one of the first to notice the change, adding that Samsung is also changing the packaging with new names for both of these folding phones.

Why change? As Agarwal said, the war is happening because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The armed forces of Russia have the "Z" symbol on their military vehicles and tanks. It is reported that the state-owned RT company in Russia is selling clothing with this symbol in support of the conflict. The countries where Samsung removed the "Z" from the names of its devices are Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia which share borders with Russia. Previously, the Korean company stopped shipping its smartphones and memory chips to Russia.

According to some sources, Samsung is also printing product boxes with new names. As mentioned above, the rebranding is currently only taking place in select European countries. Previously, Samsung also stopped selling products in Russia.

Apple has also stopped selling its products in Russia. Next, Microsoft also stopped selling its products and providing services in Russia. Game developers such as EA and CD Projekt Red have also stopped selling in Russia.

Ignoring the political issue, some users said that they also do not like the letter "Z" in the name of Samsung's folding screen smartphones and think that the company should change the name Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 to Galaxy Fold3 and Flip3 on Samsung phones. all over the world.

We've reached out to Samsung for comments on the rebranding and whether it will be rolled out worldwide, but the company has yet to issue an official response. We will update this article if Samsung gives an official answer. Wait and watch it.