After the performance squeeze scandal on the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung has made a move to reduce the price of the flagship Galaxy S in 2022.

Samsung's last two Galaxy S series phones, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 didn't sell as well as expected, so the Korean giant felt 'relieved' that the Galaxy S22 series got off to a good start. . However, this joy was short-lived as Samsung's game optimization service (GOS) app hurt the company's sales.

GOS isn't a new app, but it's gained a lot of attention this year as Samsung frustrated many users by not being able to turn it off after the One UI 4 update. It works. kept Samsung phones and tablets from overheating during continuous gaming, but it also limited the performance of 6,800 non-gaming apps.

And yet, the benchmarking applications used to evaluate and compare performance are not affected by GOS, which exaggerates the performance of the new Galaxy S series.

Samsung responded by rolling out an update that allows you to disable GOS. Despite the evidence, GOS only controls the performance of gaming applications. Some users even sued the company, and benchmarking platform Geekbench removed four Samsung phones from the system.

The Korea Times reports that there are signs that the GOS controversy has dealt a blow to the sales of the Galaxy S22 series, one of the best smartphones of the year.

Recently, mobile service providers in Korea have increased subsidies for S22 phones up to 500,000 won to boost sales, which means the standard Galaxy S22 is on sale. retail for nearly half the price compared to the time of launch. According to a Samsung spokesman, the amount of subsidy is decided jointly by the company and mobile carriers. He did not admit that the price was lowered due to the performance squeeze scandal.

The report quoted an unnamed mobile carrier official as saying that the GOS issue had indeed affected the Galaxy S22, but added that there was no significant drop in sales. That seems to show that Korean carriers have actively reduced prices to prevent sales from falling shorty soon.