Samsung x BMW Indonesia creates a sophisticated and elegant foldable experience for those who want to be trendsetters

Samsung Electronics Indonesia announced its cooperation with the world-famous luxury automobile brand BMW. In this collaboration, Samsung and BMW Indonesia released special versions of high-end folding screen smartphones Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2023 held at ICE BSD, Tangerang. Consumers can get the Galaxy Z Fold5 | Z Flip5 BMW Special Edition by visiting the BMW Group Pavilion located in the Convention Hall, exclusively for the 11-day GIIAS 2023 event that will take place on August 10–20, 2023.

"Samsung and BMW, with the same commitment, namely to introduce innovative products to consumers, cooperate to bring an even more special feeling to Indonesian consumers who love gadgets, and Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 Special Edition showcase the combination of BMW's iconic design elements with the cutting-edge and leading technology of Samsung's flagship folding devices, creating devices that are not only elegant but can also keep up with many emerging styles and trends. “With ever-evolving capabilities,” said Lo Khing Seng, Head of MX Business, Samsung Electronics Indonesia high, we believe that this special edition of Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 will help users work efficiently and creatively while still maintaining style."

Here's how to get the special edition that offers a special experience for tech and car lovers:

Innovation and luxury in your hands
Launched as a special edition device, the Galaxy Z Fold5 | The Z Flip5 offers a rare opportunity for tech enthusiasts, enthusiasts, and trendsetters to acquire an everyday commuter that not only supports advanced productivity needs but also meets the preferences of a classy lifestyle.

Galaxy Z Fold5 | The Z Flip5 BMW Special Edition is a beautiful intersection of innovation and luxury. This harmonious combination not only represents a sophisticated technological device but also a work of art that exudes unparalleled charm and elegance. The luxurious and special impression of this device can be clearly seen through the presence of the iconic pattern on the folding cover with the highlight of the BMW logo that makes the owner feel special. Then there's also the startup animation with the BMW logo appearing when the device is turned on, which adds a special feel that other foldable users don't have.

What consumers will receive when pre-ordering the BMW special edition package is as follows:
1. Galaxy Z Fold5:
- 1 Galaxy Z Fold5 BMW Special Edition
- Galaxy Z Fold5 BMW Special Edition case
- 25W charger
- Samsung BMW key chain

2. Galaxy Z Flip5:
- 1 Galaxy Z Flip5 BMW Special Edition
- Galaxy Z Flip5 BMW Special Edition case
- 25W charger
- Samsung BMW key chain

The partnership between Samsung and BMW Indonesia is also made available to premium members of the BMW Excellence Club, for buyers of BMW luxury vehicles (BMW Series 7, BMW Series 8, BMW X7, and BMW XM) will receive the Galaxy Watch6 Classic, Samsung's exquisite wearable device in a special BMW edition.

“Don't miss this precious opportunity. Visit the BMW Group Pavilion at GIIAS 2023 to receive exclusive offers from the cooperation between Samsung and BMW Indonesia. By owning Galaxy Z Fold5 | "Z Flip5 BMW Special Edition, you can experience the best experience using a smartphone that is not available on any other device," concludes Lo Khing Seng.