Samsung seems to be working on a completely new line of products with folding screens. Accordingly, a company executive confirmed that they are developing a folding screen tablet and even revealed its design.

This news comes from the head of the Samsung mobile phone division TM Roh. In an interview with The Independent last month, this senior official confirmed that Samsung is developing tablets and laptops with folding screens. He said: “People open books to read, people open notebooks to write. When not in use or on the go, they can be folded, making them more compact and portable, as well as protecting the important information inside. It's just a natural part of human behavior."

ROh added that: “What has been applied to smartphones will then also transfer to tablets and laptops. To achieve that goal, we at Samsung are investing a lot of resources.” This confirms that the South Korean tech giant is working on tablets as well as foldable laptops and is investing heavily in the venture.

This isn't the first time we've heard about a foldable tablet from Samsung. There have been reports in the past that the brand may be working on a Galaxy Z Fold Tab model. LetsGoDigital even found some patents describing this product, which has two hinges for the folding mechanism. Let's wait and see!