Today, Google officially released Android version 14 for Google Pixel phone models. The new update brings many interface changes as well as better security support to ensure user privacy.

Android 14

On Android version 14, Google provides users with new customizations on the lock screen interface. From there, you can switch between different clock styles and formats. In addition, Google also added an AI-powered wallpaper generator. With this feature, users can choose adjectives, nouns, or locations provided by the system so that AI can create suitable wallpapers. However, this new wallpaper creator currently only supports the newly launched Pixel 8 and 8 Pro devices.

Besides interface changes, Google also brings deeper customizations related to user security. With Android 14, you can now use your fingerprint to sign in to third-party apps. Additionally, these apps can also sign in with a pin or Google account through Android's new Credential Manager. (Android's new Credential Manager)

The Android 14 update will be available for Pixel 4A 5G and later devices. As for other Android devices such as Samsung, Nothing, OnePlus,... will be updated later this year.