It's no surprise that Samsung's Galaxy S24 series was launched with a new version of One UI. Currently, One UI 6.1 is still only available on the Galaxy S24 series. However, this will soon change. According to BenIt Bruhner Pro, the time for the Galaxy S23 series to be updated to One UI 6.1 is approaching. Sources say One UI 6.1 will arrive on the Galaxy S23 series next month.

More Galaxy phones are about to get Galaxy AI
There's no guarantee that any new software features of One UI 6.1 will make their way to older Galaxy models. However, recent rumors suggest that Galaxy AI will be included in the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S23 series. Here's what's new you can expect to see coming to the Galaxy S23 series:

  • Improved animation
  • Many new features of Galaxy AI
  • The ability to customize the lock screen has been upgraded
  • Many bugs are fixed and stability is improved

It is still unclear whether the Galaxy S23 series will receive features like Always On Display through the One UI 6.1 update. But at least you'll get to experience the new lock screen widgets.

As for Galaxy AI, only time will tell whether all the AI features on the Galaxy S24 series will make their way to the Galaxy S23 series next month. Only certain features are likely included in the update.

The Galaxy S24 series has many AI features such as Multi-function Search, Creative Post-Production, Creative Wallpaper, Translation Assistant, Live Translation, Smart Chat Assistant, Powerful Note Assistant,...

One UI 6.1 also changes a few user interface elements and adds a few new features to apps like Camera. It is still unclear how different the One UI 6.1 experience will be on the Galaxy S24 series and the Galaxy S23 series. Luckily, we won't have to wait long to find out the answer.