The Galaxy S24 series launched nearly a month ago with exclusive Galaxy AI features. Samsung is planning to bring Galaxy AI features down to its older flagship phones. But it seems that not only smartphones but also the company's wireless headphones will get some features in them.

Samsung recently announced that several AI features will be supported on its new wireless headset models, including Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Buds 2, and Buds FE. With the new OTA update, we can directly use the Live Translate and Interpreter features without needing to connect to the Internet to work.

With Live Interpretation, users can see real-time call translations on the Galaxy S24's screen while talking through a wireless headset. Meanwhile, the Interpreter Assistant feature enables seamless two-way, live translation through Galaxy Buds.

In its press release, Samsung said: β€œUsers can speak directly into the Buds mic and their translated voice will now be available through the Galaxy S24 series, allowing for near-natural conversations between two individuals, each holding a Galaxy S24 series smartphone and Galaxy Buds respectively, eliminating the need to hand over phones and manage conversations.”

Currently, these AI features are available for Galaxy Buds models in India via a new software update and will soon be available in other markets in the next few days.