Samsung device users are eagerly waiting to see what's new in One UI 6. As expected, the beta program of One UI 6 will be open in two months. However, there are already multiple builds of this user interface popping up online now, which clearly shows what Samsung fans expect from One UI 6.

Recently, talented build creator Vetrox360 shared some renders of One UI 6, and asked Samsung if his ideas can be applied in practice. As the company has yet to provide an answer, it should be noted that the final One UI 6 may not look like the photos in this article.

In the image, the Notification Panel has been tweaked, with round keys replaced by a shape similar to what Samsung's default app icons use. Additionally, a 2×4 grid is applied. Finally, the brightness slider and music player are displayed beautifully.

The Quick Control Panel keys are made larger for improved accessibility, with four keys per row. In total, one page can display 12 keys. The brightness slider is still placed at the bottom.

Here are some additional images showing minor tweaks related to UI elements. The buttons use gradient colors that Samsung has applied in some places in One UI 5. So there is a high chance that these changes will appear on One UI 6.

Samsung may consider recommendations shared by users, but this does not mean that they will adopt them.