While Galaxy users are waiting for the One UI 6.1 update, Google has officially released the first preview of Android 15 to developers so they can start building and optimizing apps for the system version. next operator.

Android 15 brings many upgrades in privacy, security, performance, and more. Since this is the first developer preview, Google is not revealing the full extent of the new features. In other words, we have to wait until the next previews are released to get a complete picture.

What's new in Android 15?

Android 15 has updated the Privacy Sandbox. This is an innovation led by Google whose main goal is to limit the use of user data on websites and applications for targeted digital advertising. Android 15 also adds new APIs for developers to optimize app performance and reduce power consumption, especially for apps that often run in the background.

Google is giving third-party apps – including Snapchat or Instagram – greater control over the device's camera so they can use some of the features available in the Camera app. Thanks to that, third-party applications will produce better photos. This is something Samsung has tried to solve for Galaxy devices. The Galaxy S24 series is the most recent example.

Android 15 will also allow recording the content of a specific app instead of the entire user interface. While Google hasn't revealed all the information yet, a source reports that Android 15 will also allow creating shortcuts to open a pair of apps in split-screen view.

Not every new feature of Android 15 will work the same on Galaxy devices as it does on Pixel devices. For example, Samsung has its screen recording software, so the ability to record the content of just one app may not come to Galaxy devices. Meanwhile, creating shortcuts for a pair of apps has been available on One UI for years as Samsung focuses heavily on the multitasking capabilities of its devices.

When will Android 15 be released?

Google will release a total of two developer previews for Android 15 and four betas before the stable version is available to the public. The final release will be rolled out after July for Pixel devices unless some unforeseen issues occur.

It will take Samsung a few more weeks or months to bring the new Android version to Galaxy users because they have to overlay One UI on Android. As always, the company can add more features that are not included in the original Android version.

In terms of update eligibility, almost every Galaxy phone and tablet launching with Android 13 will get Android 15. Some devices run Android 12 or earlier from the factory but are eligible for three or four updates. Major OS upgrades will also be up.

For Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra, Android 15 will be the first major operating system update. These may be three of the phone models to experience the new operating system version first.