Just a few days after being officially launched for sale globally, there are now two Galaxy S24 Ultra devices with a blue stripe error on the screen.

โ€œBlue stripes of deathโ€ is one of the most haunting problems for Samsung smartphone users. It's been mentioned quite a bit since the Galaxy S20 series launched a few years ago. Although many other OEMs such as OnePlus or Realme also encounter similar problems when using OLED screens, Samsung is still the "top" brand when it comes to this problem. Four years after the release of the Galaxy S20, it now appears that the latest generation of the Galaxy S series is facing the same situation.

Reddit user Ok_Marketing_6979 experienced problems with his Galaxy S24 Ultra just six days after purchasing it. The screen of this phone suddenly appeared with green stripes along with white horizontal lines. He rebooted and even did a factory reset, but the problem was still not resolved. This error is similar to previous cases on other high-end Samsung models.

This is not an isolated case as another user account on Reddit named climb_n_ski also had the same problem, with a green vertical line appearing on the screen of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is unclear whether these two cases will be replaced or refunded from the equipment supply store.

It's unknown if this will become a widespread issue on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Hopefully, this is just a manufacturing error with a limited quantity. However, Samsung devices are famous for screen stripe errors. So only time will answer this. We will update you as soon as we have new information.