The APK of the Galaxy Wearable app confirms previous leaks and rumors about the Galaxy Ring.

Since February this year, there have been several rumors about Samsung developing a Galaxy-branded smart ring. Recently, some new information related to the product's name, design, and release date has been revealed.

In a Korean forum, a user reported that he found a ring icon in the Galaxy Wearable app. Although not detailed, the icon still gives us a rough idea of what the product will look like. Overall, the device may look like a normal ring.

Analyzing the APK file of the Galaxy Wearable app, 9to5Google reports that the new product will be called Galaxy Ring. This trademark was filed by Samsung earlier this year. The company describes the product as a “smart device for measuring health and/or sleep indicators in the shape of a ring.”

Analyzing APK files helps predict features that may appear in the future based on code snippets under development. However, it is likely that these features may not be publicly released.

In addition, 9to5Google also said that the Galaxy Wearable app has information about the release date of the Galaxy Ring. Accordingly, the product will be launched in 2024. This confirms information leaked a few days ago, saying the Galaxy Ring will be launched with the Galaxy S24.

Finally, there are Bluetooth-related code snippets and notifications that appear after the software is installed and when you “connect to your ring.”

Currently, it looks like the product will be launched in 2024. However, there is a rumor that the Galaxy Ring could be launched in 2025 if Samsung decides it wants the product to pass medical certifications.