According to ElectronicsHub's latest report, Samsung has a superior market share than Apple as this brand is leading the smartphone market in 95 countries.

Samsung's phone market share

Specifically, ElectronicsHub conducted research on the market shares of current phone brands in 171 countries, in which the results showed that Samsung is dominating 95 countries. Meanwhile, Apple only leads in 51 countries. For the rest, Chinese brands including TECNO, OPPO, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, and vivo lead in 25 countries.

The report said that Samsung currently holds the largest market share in Fiji (an island nation in Oceania) with 74% market share. This number is even 14% higher than Samsung's market share in its home country of Korea. Besides, the company also holds the majority of market shares in a country such as Somalia (71.89%) and Guyana (64.72%). In addition, Samsung's market share in Lithuania also increased by 8.24% after the defense ministry in this country called on people not to use phone models from China because of security concerns.

In contrast, Samsung's market share decreased the most in Mauritania (-14.29%) and the Republic of Congo (-10.30%). According to SamMobile, the reason Samsung does not have a high market share in China is due to fierce competition from domestic brands in this country. In recent years, Chinese phone brands such as HUAWEI, Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo have grown strongly and dominated the domestic market. These brands often have competitive prices and features that suit the tastes of Chinese consumers.

Through the above report, it can be seen that Samsung is the world's leading smartphone brand with many quality, diverse products that suit the needs of users. However, the company also needs to face big challenges from competitors, especially in China, where it has not been able to gain much advantage. Therefore, Samsung needs to research and innovate to create more advanced and attractive smartphone products in the future.