Samsung Gauss will provide new experiences in the areas of languages, coding, and imaging.

Samsung Electronics today (Wednesday, November 8, 2023) introduced an innovative AI model called Samsung Gauss. It is named after the famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who established the theory of normal distribution, also known as the bell curve, the backbone of machine learning and AI.

Samsung said this AI model was developed by Samsung Research and is currently being used to improve employee productivity within the company. Now, it is extended to future commercial product applications. Samsung Gauss includes Language, Code, and Image models.

According to the Korean tech giant, Language is a generalized language model, designed to improve work efficiency by supporting tasks such as writing emails, summarizing documents, and translating. When brought to a real product like a Galaxy smartphone, it can enhance the user experience with smarter device control.

Code is a model created for a company's internal software development. Samsung says it allows developers to code easily and quickly. It also supports functions such as code description and test creation through an interactive interface. Finally, Image allows creating and editing images, changing styles, upscaling, and converting low-resolution images to high resolution.

Kim Dae-Hyeon, deputy director of the Global AI Center at Samsung Research, said: โ€œWe will continue to support innovative AI-related research and strive to develop together by collaborating with industry and academic leadersโ€.

It is known that Samsung is also planning to bring creative AI to smartphones next year, possibly starting with the Galaxy S24 series. It's unclear what features the company will develop based on this technology, but there are rumors that users may have to register if they want to use them.