The Galaxy S22 no longer suffers from a performance drop, but battery life can drop quickly.

After being accused of arbitrarily reducing the performance of smartphones, especially the newly launched Galaxy S22 series, plus having Geekbench remove the performance test results, Samsung has released a new update. to remedy this situation.

The new update is now available for the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra, to address Samsung's Games Optimization Service application that arbitrarily reduces CPU and GPU performance while playing games.

Games Optimization Service is responsible for properly adjusting performance, to help optimize heat and battery life. However, Samsung did this silently and did not tell users. Besides, benchmarking applications like Geekbench are not restricted, resulting in measured performance scores and actual performance scores are not the same.

The new update for the Galaxy S22 has completely removed this feature of the Games Optimization Service. Therefore, users will get full performance when playing games on Galaxy S22 smartphones.

However, there is another problem that occurs after users receive a new update, which is battery life. Since there are no longer limitations on CPU and GPU performance when playing games, Galaxy S22 smartphones may generate more heat and also reduce battery life.

There is currently no detailed review of the battery life of the Galaxy S22 after the new update because only users in Korea have been updated. Before that, when there was still a performance loss, the Galaxy S22 Ultra had impressive battery life, on par with the iPhone 13 Pro Max when it could play games for more than 10 hours.

Reference: phonearena