Samsung admits to being hacked

Samsung said the hacker breached the company's internal data, accessing some of the source code of Galaxy devices.
On March 7, after the Lapsus$ hacker group announced on Telegram that it had stolen 190GB of Samsung's top-secret source code. The Korean electronics company did not name the perpetrators or what type of data was taken.

"According to initial analysis, the breach involved some source code surrounding the operation of Galaxy devices, but did not include personal information of users or employees," Samsung added. Currently, its Galaxy products include tablets and smartphones.

Lapsus$ is the hacker group responsible for the data breach of chip company Nvidia last month. In the Nvidia attack, Lapsus$ claimed to have stolen 1TB of data and they also released 20GB of documents. Information of more than 71,000 Nvidia employees was taken, some leaked online.

This gang teased about Samsung's data disclosure with screenshots of C/C++ commands in Samsung software. They then posted a description of what's coming, including the algorithm of the biometric unlock operations, the bootloader source code on recent Samsung devices, the top-secret source code from Qualcomm, the source code of the device. Samsung activation owner, complete source code for the technology used to authorize and authenticate Samsung accounts.

If their threats are correct, Samsung has suffered a serious breach that has the potential to cause great damage to the company. It is not clear if they are involved in ransom Samsung as in the case with Nvidia.