Samsung recently posted information about the new Fan Edition product series including Galaxy Buds FE, Galaxy S23 FE, and Galaxy Tab S9 FE on its official website in Argentina.

Both the Galaxy Buds FE, Galaxy S23 FE, and Galaxy Tab S9 FE have been leaked quite a bit recently. Even their official images have been posted. Perhaps that's why Samsung no longer wants to keep it a secret. The company has unveiled a website dedicated to the new wireless headphones, revealing official images of the upcoming phone and tablet. Accordingly, Galaxy Buds FE will have a battery life of 30 hours if including the charging box, active noise cancellation feature, and subwoofer.

In an image related to the Galaxy S23 FE, Samsung mentions October 4, at 12:45. This could be the launch date of the new Fan Edition device series. A few days ago, the official promotional image of this phone was also leaked showing the design and color options of the device. Overall, the Galaxy S23 FE does not have much difference in appearance compared to most other Galaxy phone models this year.

Finally, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE will mark the return of Samsung's affordable premium tablet, since the Galaxy Tab S7 FE launched more than two years ago. However, this year the company will release the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ to bring more options to users. Both have the same design as the Galaxy Tab S9 and come with an S Pen.