Samsung is reviving one of its most requested features. Galaxy devices can already provide users with information about screen-on time and battery life since the last full charge. However, Samsung has removed this ability on One UI 6.0. The company is currently correcting this big mistake.

“From last full charge” battery life statistics return with the latest version of Device Care

The new version ( of the Device Care app is now available to download from the Galaxy Store, reviving the “From last full charge” battery life statistics. It should be noted that the update has not yet reached all supported devices. So please be patient if you are not able to update the app yet.

As you can see in the screenshot above, after successfully installing the latest version of Device Care, you can find two filters in the menu: Today and Since Last Full Charge. The Today option displays a graph of battery charge and battery life for the current day. If you select the Since last full charge option, the battery life graph will show the time the screen has been on since the last time the device was fully charged.