5 features of the Galaxy S22 series that iFan also want on iPhone

Apple-specific news site AppleInsider has gathered the features/equipment that they think Apple should learn from Samsung and put on the iPhone in the future.
Samsung's newly launched Galaxy S22 series has a lot of exciting features, and there are certainly a few features that Apple fans will want on the new iPhone. Apple-specific news site AppleInsider has gathered the features/equipment that they think Apple should learn from Samsung and put on the iPhone in the future.

Edge-to-edge screen, thin even

When the iPhone X came out in November 2017, it was the first iPhone with an almost bezel-less design. In 2021, the iPhone 13 has reduced the bezel size even further, but Apple's smartphones have succumbed to Samsung's latest offering.
When placing the Galaxy S22/S22+ next to an iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Galaxy S22+ even has a much thinner screen border than the iPhone.

Besides, the Galaxy S22 Ultra version, although with slightly thicker bezels, is also a great example of an almost full-screen smartphone experience. With a screen-to-body ratio of 89.87%.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have a screen-to-body ratio of 86%. Those few percentages can also make a pretty big difference between the two devices. In addition, rumors suggest that the bezel will not be further thinned on the iPhone 14.

Perforated camera

Ever since Apple launched the iPhone X with a notch, there have been different opinions surrounding this design. Some people hate it, others accept it as part of the iPhone's signature design. However, every rumor indicates that the iPhone will eventually follow Samsung's punch-hole design.

The Galaxy S22 series uses a simple punch hole to house the selfie camera right on the screen. This approach - combined with the extremely high screen-to-body ratio - results in a screen that is almost maximized to every inch on Samsung devices.

Anyway, Apple needs a notch to accommodate FaceID and if they switch to a punch-hole screen, they will certainly receive many complaints from those who consider the notch to be a characteristic design, and they also need a system. biometric security. It's curious to see how Apple will choose to solve the problem, but the way below is not bad…

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

Samsung usually packs a lot of features into their phones, so it's no surprise that facial recognition isn't the only form of biometric security on the Galaxy S22.

Hidden below the screen is an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Launched on the Galaxy S10 series in 2019, the "invisible" sensor can collect fingerprint data through the screen without the need for a separate hardware button.

Whether you're a fan of Face ID or Touch ID, a similar sensor placed below the iPhone's display is very appealing. Any form of reliable biometric security should be welcomed, and Samsung has shown us how to have a smartphone with a beautiful display and secure security at the same time.

Free AirPods Pro included like Samsung is doing

In many markets, Samsung will include a free Galaxy Buds Pro headset when customers pre-order the Galaxy S22 series. This is like getting free AirPods Pro with an iPhone purchase.

Apple discontinued the EarPods wired headphones in the iPhone box, signaling the end of bundled peripherals, and 2020 is also the year Apple ditches the charging cup.

Samsung also followed Apple by removing many things from the box, including wired headphones and charging cups. However, if you pre-order the product, you will still receive many things and including the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones.

Apple rarely offers free bundled accessories when pre-ordered, making the Samsung Galaxy S22 a more appealing option for many people.

Touch pen

"Who wants a stylus?" Steve Jobs said at the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. "You have to take them out, put them away. Lose them. Horrible."

Years later Apple also released its own stylus - the Apple Pencil, but that accessory is currently only compatible with the iPad.

When Samsung launched the first Galaxy Note in 2011, it was one of the first flagship smartphones with a stylus. Can be stowed neatly into the body when not in use, the S Pen quickly became a favorite feature of Note users.

Since then, Samsung has gradually improved the S Pen experience with better pressure sensitivity, Air Command, and Bluetooth Low-Energy.

The chances of a similar pen for the iPhone are still relatively low. There are no rumors from any reliable source that there will be an Apple Pencil compatible with the iPhone, Apple seems to stick to the position according to the founder's words.

After all, AppleInsider commented, it's only a matter of time before iFan starts to see some features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 appear on the iPhone. The question is when and how Apple made its own with them.

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