Nowadays, users often use all electronic devices such as phones, headphones, tablets, etc. in one ecosystem to get synchronous experiences. Understanding this psychology, brands like Samsung own their ecosystem with many interesting features. Below are useful tools that the Galaxy ecosystem brings to users.

Quick Share

This is a feature developed by Samsung to compete with Apple's AirDrop. Quick Share works perfectly within the Galaxy ecosystem. In addition, with the Nearby Share feature developed by Google, Samsung users can also send files and images to all Android devices and Windows computers. 

Automatically switch Headphones 

When you connect your Galaxy Buds to Samsung devices, you can easily switch the headset connection from one device to another. This is a very convenient feature when you want to make a call on your phone while the headset is connected to the Galaxy Book.


When all your Galaxy devices are connected to a common internet access point, you can use devices such as the Galaxy Book or Galaxy tablet to receive or make phone calls. 

Sync applications

With the Galaxy ecosystem, users can use an app on two different devices simultaneously in multiple apps. You can copy images and text from one Samsung device and paste them to another device. This is an excellent feature for users in the Samsung ecosystem. However, this feature only supports Samsung Notes and Samsung Internet browsers. 

Multitasking control

When you connect your Galaxy phone or tablet to the same wireless keyboard and mouse set, you can drag and drop files between the two devices smoothly. This is a highly appreciated feature for its ability to improve user productivity.

Samsung Dex

With this feature, you can connect your Galaxy phone or tablet to a separate display, helping your device function like a real PC. Samsung Dex works in both wired and wireless modes, which is extremely convenient.

Smart View

With this feature, you can use your Galaxy tablet as a secondary display for your Galaxy Book. This feature is even compatible with Windows laptops when connected to the same Internet access point. It works very smoothly and doesn't require any proprietary software like Apple AirPlay.