Samsung acknowledges that the annoying purple screen error appears on some devices running One UI 6.0 and will patch the error in the near future.

Many Galaxy devices have received One UI 6.0 (based on Android 14) in the past few days. With more and more users getting a chance to experience the new software, a few issues that still persist even after the lengthy beta period have come to light.

There is a purple screen error. This is not a hardware error similar to screen stripes, which affect some Galaxy phone models. Instead, this is a software issue. On some devices, switching between the recent apps screen and the Home screen causes the background to turn purple for a few seconds.

According to a Reddit user, this issue occurs when using the background color control feature of Good Lock's Home Up module - which allows you to change the background color of the recent app screen. This doesn't seem to be the case for everyone though. Personally, we cannot repeat this error on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 5 whether using Good Lock or not.

Samsung revealed that it is aware of the issue and will fix it with an update by the end of the month. However, it is currently unclear which devices will have priority.