Google seems to have delayed the release of the stable Android 14 update. However, new features on this operating system are still updated more frequently by Google through security patches. In the upcoming regular update, Android smartphone models will have the following new features.

At A Glance (Utility to view quick notifications)

With this update, the Google search widget will show information related to the user's location, including weather alerts, travel updates (times, location suggestions), and event reminders. Basically, search utilities will become richer and more useful.

Added utility for Google Wallet

Now, Google Wallet will allow users to integrate additional types of cards such as Airline tickets, QR codes created from screenshots and PDF files, and membership cards for public services (gym, bus tickets). or even a medical-related certification card.

Added online meeting facility via Android Auto

Google has confirmed support for Zoom and Webex widgets on Android Auto. This integration allows users to make audio calls in their car through the above applications, as well as allowing them to view meeting schedules through the car screen. When participating in a meeting, you can mute the microphone when needed and end the call right on the screen.

Sleep tracking

Google Assistant will now integrate sleep tracking and data collection from Fitbit or Google Fit. So users can check their sleep metrics when they wake up.

Upgrade Lookout for the visually impaired

When visually impaired people cannot see an image clearly, they can use the Q&A feature on Lookout to let the AI describe each detail in the photo more clearly for them. Currently, this feature only supports 11 languages, but Google will soon add more languages in the near future.