Samsung admits to reducing smartphone performance, will fix it in the latest update

Samsung says that the latest Galaxy S22 smartphones are also affected by the performance loss.

Recently, Samsung was accused of arbitrarily reducing the performance of more than 10,000 applications on smartphones, but did not affect benchmarking applications such as 3DMark or Geekbench. After a while of silence, Samsung finally has an official answer.

Samsung spokesperson Kelly Yeo told The Verge:

“We appreciate feedback on our products, and after careful consideration, we plan to make the software update available to users soon. Users can control performance when running applications and games”

Samsung's response comes after numerous allegations that the Game Optimizing Service application on Samsung smartphones degrades the performance of more than 10,000 other apps and games. Meanwhile, benchmarking applications are not affected, resulting in measured performance and actual performance are not the same.

A Korean YouTuber also released reliable evidence, that is, an experiment showed that when renaming the 3DMark performance measurement application to the name of the game Genshin Impact, the measured performance immediately decreased.

A Samsung spokesperson said of the Game Optimizing Service app: 

“The app has been designed to help games achieve their best performance, while effectively managing temperature and battery drain. Game Optimizing Service does not manage the performance of non-game applications.”

According to Samsung, the Game Optimizing Service application is integrated on most of its latest smartphones, including the Galaxy S22 series. As a result, Geekbench has removed the Galaxy S10, S20, S21, and S22 from its Android Benchmark performance benchmark list. Meanwhile, Samsung did not specify when the new update will be released.

Refer theverge