As we all know, with the rapidly advancing field of computer science, we are now introduced to the latest intelligent machine called Artificial intelligence, or AI for short. AI has the ability to perform tasks that typically require human-like intelligence. In other words, this technology is built with human-level intelligence. It usually is used to recognize speech, understand human languages, or even make decisions just like humans. 

AI is said to have the potential to optimize human tasks and increase efficiency. Nowadays, it has been widely used in many products and services, for instance, search engines, voice assistants and talk to AI chatbots. 

Speaking of AI services, there are some AI platforms newly published and are currently one of the warmest topics on the internet. These platforms are called Aichatting and ArtGuru. 

So, how can these platforms lighten your workload and help you in your daily life? Find out about them in this article!

What is Aichatting?

Aichatting can be both, your personal assistant (to find various information) and your friend (that accompanies you while you’re bored). It is an innovative AI platform that focuses on revolutionizing chatbot technology. Unlike the usual chatbots that interact with customers that provide quick and efficient responses to common inquiries, Aichatting takes chatbot technology to the next level. 

It is designed to provide even more advanced and natural responses, just like you’re interacting with a human being. Aichatting can understand the context of a conversation and provide responses within a short period of time. No matter what you’re seeking, it can answer all your questions. 

Of course, this platform is free and does not have the limitation to use. It also has a very friendly user interface. Here’s how to utilize Aichatting:

Open your browser > visit AI chat & AI writing generator > type anything in the white box > and press enter on your keyboard. 

Wait for a moment and you will get the answer to your inquiries!

What is ArtGuru?

Next, ArtGuru is the latest AI platform that is hardly available on the internet. It is an innovative AI platform that focuses on art appreciation and education. Specifically, this platform provides two services of art:  AI art generator from text and AI Aniself. 

AI Image provides the visual images of your idea into stunning artwork. It can generate animated scenes and highly realistic images. All you have to do is to provide texts and it will visualize them for you. Here is the step-by-step guide for you:

  • Open your device’s browser and go to
  • On the homepage, tap on the ‘Create AI Image’ button.

  • Once loaded, type on the “Describe your image” box for any visualization you’re seeking for, then tap on the ‘Create AI Image’ button. It can take up to 10s to load your images.

Next, we have AI Aniself. Aniself, if we elaborate in detail, can be considered as an anime avatar of yourself. So just like the elaboration, this tool can generate a realistic 3D animation of a photo. It also offers a variety of customizable options to generate lifelike yet unique personal avatar. Specifically, here is how to utilize it:

  • Open your device’s browser and go to artguru’s site.
  • On the homepage, tap on the ‘Create Aniself’ button.
  • Once loaded, upload your photos or selfies by tapping on the + button.

  • Then tap on the ‘Create Aniself’ button and wait for a few seconds. 

These two animations-like features are surely very easy to use, whether you’re using it just for entertainment, or simply looking for inspirations, ArtGuru can surely help you with them. This platform is also available for free without limitation. 

Wrapping up

In short, now that you’ve read out our review about these websites, it’s now your turn to try it. If you’re seeking for something, then ask Aichatting; Alternatively, if you’re bored and are looking for some inspiration, then play with ArtGuru!

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