Samsung is implementing a user temperature measurement feature on the Galaxy Watch 5 in the near future.

This will be very helpful for the early detection of symptoms of COVID-19 such as high fever. Galaxy Watch 5 is not the first smartwatch that can measure the user's temperature, on the market today there are quite a few smartwatch models that can measure temperature such as BeU B1, Ticwris GTS, ...

Galaxy Watch 5 will have a body temperature measurement feature to help detect Covid-19 - 1647007497

But the problem here is that a watch with a temperature sensor alone is not enough. Because the temperature on the skin of the wrist can be strongly influenced by external factors, such as sunlight, and therefore the user's body temperature measurement is not very accurate.

This is why Samsung, and other companies like Apple, have delayed the temperature measurement feature on smartwatches for a long time. However, a recent source from Korea said that Samsung has solved the above dilemma.

In fact, body temperature monitoring will become a HOT topic for Samsung wearables this year. Besides, the company is also said to be testing a new generation Galaxy Buds prototype.

This new Galaxy Buds can also measure the user's temperature through the eardrum, using the infrared sensor to monitor the temperature. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series will be announced in August 2022.