Galaxy S10 Has the Best Ever Display according to DisplayMate

Samsung Galaxy S10 break another rating record earning A+ grade from DisplayMate for its sensational screen technology. The evaluation process of the latest Samsung display made it clear that it boasts the most accurate viewing experience among all screens ever tested by DisplayMate Technologies.

Moreover, the experts claim it to be yet the best screen from all displays available on other smartphones, tablets or laptops. It all resulted in Galaxy S10 display Excellent A+ grade from the DisplayMate testing team. It has overcome displays found on flagship predecessors including S9 and S9 Note. The tests revealed the new handset offering more effective power consumption, more accurate outdoor viewing experience, higher color accuracy, etc.


The screen does an outstanding work whether you use it under the direct sunlight or in the atmosphere of ambient light as well as surrounded by shadows. The display has the peak luminance of 1215 nits. It ensures vibrant visuals despite the environment around the user. High-quality viewing experience is delivered at good power efficiency of 1.54 watts. It is 0.16 watts lower if compared to Galaxy S9 model. In other words, S10 handset if not only more efficient but also brighter than its predecessors.

We should also mention that the new flagship boasts the first ever display with the HDR10+ support. It has already grown into a new-gen standard for high-quality HDR videos especially after getting high grades from DisplayMate experts. They said the new display was โ€œvirtually indistinguishable from perfectโ€ and capable to deliver great color accuracy and overall high picture quality.


The South Korean manufacturer has implemented latest technologies to reduce the blue light by 42%. According to the studies, it might have a negative effect on users' eyes. They say the blue light results in a bad sleep. The latest Galaxy S10 phone made it possible to reduce the risk of getting a bad night's rest. We should also mention the fact that the display has successful pass the Eye Comfort certification.

Samsung's OLED screen performance has been evolving over the years starting from 2010. Each new generation of Galaxy phones introduced improved viewing technologies while the S10 handset offers yet the best screen available on the market.