Samsung has changed the names and locations of some settings in the Camera Assistant app as well as added a few new features.

Samsung's One UI 6.0 update for Galaxy devices includes a few improvements and new features for the camera. The company is continuing to promote this further through the new version of Camera Assistant.

Camera Assistant gives users more control over photos and video output by the default Camera app. Recently, Camera Assistant has added a few new features. Besides, you can also edit some settings that cannot be changed in the Camera app.

In the latest update of Camera Assistant with version number, Samsung changed the names and locations of some settings and added some new features.

For example, the Optical quality crop zoom option - which adds a 2x zoom key to the photography interface - has a new name, 2x crop zoom shortcut. Additionally, options related to shutter speed have been removed for devices running One UI 6.0 as they are already available in the Camera app.

For some devices โ€“ including the Galaxy S23 Ultra โ€“ Camera Assistant has a separate screen called High-resolution settings. Here, there is a new feature called Upscale Digital Zoom, which helps upgrade images captured when using digital zoom to the selected resolution if needed.

In addition, there is another new feature called Distortion correction, which will "automatically correct curves caused by lens or image distortion".

The latest Camera Assistant update can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store on supported devices, including most high-end Galaxy phone models launched since 2020. Some features are limited, though. and improvements may only be available on certain devices.