Increase download limit daily for blogger/webmaster

Hi everyone

Our website is seeing an increase in downloads every day. Therefore, our server is often overloaded or there are not enough bots. So we had a small update.
Each user can now download 5 files/day. We thought a lot about this limit and agreed to set a limit of 5 files because it is almost impossible for the average user to reach this limit daily. After midnight (00:00 GMT+7) everyday we reset the counter and you can download again.
This limitation applies to Download Direct and Download on website. You can still use Unlimited Download from your Drive
After 2 weeks apply the daily limitation. Almost all users can download without any trouble. But there are some friends who have a blog or a website. They contact me about the limitation because they want to download more than 5 files daily
We thought about it and want to give you an option.
This option applies for users who have a blog/website. No matter how much traffic and website rank. If you download firmware for post to your blog/website.
  1. Increase download limitation from 5 files to 30 files
  2. You can use Download direct with unlimited speed
  3. We may add new separate servers for you if the current servers raised the limitation.
  4. Other benefits (updating)

And you have to do one of those options

1. If you download firmwares for post to your blog/website. Just add Samfw link like a Mirror of your Download servers list. Example below

Server 1 | Server 2 | Server Samfw
2. You can add the "powered by" link to the botton of the post. Example below

You content...

You content...

Powered by Samfw


If you have any ideas, feel free to contact me


Email: [email protected]